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Suzie Diamond Susie Hardcore Star
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Born in August 1984, Suzie Diamond is originally from Slovakia but has been living in the Czech Republic since she started her modelling career in 2004. We didn't know a lot about Suzie before she came to Portugal to make a movie, except that from her pictures she looked like a super-fit girl with a great body! During her career she has unfortunately performed a number of super-sex hardcore acts for the usual myriad of producers and distributors, lending herself to an array of low-key smut movies such as "Anal Addicts 26" and the straightforwardly titled "Whores". But don't let this distract from Suzie's natural beauty.

Describing Suzie physically is not easy, because there is something about her eyes and her face which is quite spectacular and impossible to put into words. She has that exciting, provocative look in her eyes that only some girls have, a wonderfully alluring "come-to-bed" expression which you can't stop thinking about long after she has stopped looking at you. Her body too is superior, tall, leggy and firm, with small but beautiful 34A breasts, delicate pink nipples and a small but full areola on each boob. Her bum too was so impressive it made the cover of our Pink Velvet Trilogy box-set - a delightfully shaped and rounded rump. The combination of jet-black hair and green eyes give her the look of a female deity, and why she decided to fall straight into hardcore porn, only she will ever know.

Birthdate: August 8, 1984
Age: 25
Astrology: Leo
Birth Location: Slovakia
Years Active: 2004-2008
Measurements: 34B-26-37
Height: 5 feet, 11 inches (180 cm)
Weight: 121 lbs (55 kg)
Hair Color: Black
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Known Alias: Heidi, Sue, Susie, Suzie, Suzie Diamond

Here is a short interview from Private

PRIVATE: Hi Susie, how are you today?
SUSIE DIAMOND: Hi! I'm really well thanks.
P: Tell us about an average day for Susie Diamond…
SD: Well I get up at 8am, grab an orange juice and go out for a 30 minute jog. I meet up with my jogging partner and we run through the park, then he comes back to my place and we take a shower together and he fucks me in the shower. That always sets me up for the day. Then I go off to work and depending on what time I finish have dinner with friends.
P: Do you work as a porn actress on the set everyday then?
SD: Pretty much yes. I love to be busy and obviously I love to fuck.
P: You've starred in 7 movies for Private so far, which one was your favorite one?
SD: Mmm, that would definitely be from 'Ibiza Fucking Island' I fucked with Toni Ribas against a beautiful backdrop of the blue sky in the Mediterranean, it was breathtakingly beautiful and so was the sex, Toni certainly knows how to satisfy a woman.
P: What do you like most about this job?
SD: I love the traveling; I always wanted to work in a travel agency. I also like fucking outdoors and when you are shooting movies, chances are you'll do at least one scene in the open air. I find outdoor sex very exhilarating.
P: Have you fucked in any unusual outdoor places in your private life?
SD: Whenever I get the chance! I fucked with two girlfriends last summer on a camping trip. We got very carried away and didn't notice a farmer standing watching us, god knows how long he'd been their.
P: What did you do?
SD: We just carried on and gave him a treat to watch us. But we didn't let him join in, it was a girls only party.
P: You recently starred in 'Ass Riders' was that a fun movie to shoot?
SD: Yes, I lived out one of my fantasies to fuck with cowboys, well guys dressed like cowboys. That was an outdoor fuck too, it was cool.
P: And what about fetish, does it turn you on?
SD: It doesn't really turn me on, but I like to see how it turns other people on. It's a power trip to listen to a guy beg you for your cunt and you say no… And then when he is really desperate I'll let him smell it for a few seconds and tease him. That's a lot of fun. But I've always been the type of girl that likes to tease men.
P: Have you ever been called a prick tease?
SD: Yes, because I'm a terrible flirt.
P: But flirting is really horny…
SD: I know, maybe it's the horniest thing of all, building up the anticipation to a really good fuck.
P: Well Susie, you were chosen as one of Private's favorite actresses, how do you feel about that?
SD: Really? Wow, that's really exciting. I don't know what to say…
P: Do you have any message for your fans?
SD: Sure, a big kiss to every one, lets hope I get a chance to flirt with you or fuck with you in the countryside someday…

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